No rant today... I just don't have it in me. We did go to Ryde Hospital PALMS pathology on Saturday morning and at about lunch time I got a call from RNS telling me I had to bring mum in to be admitted to Emergency, as her sodium was dangerously low. Packed a bag and off we went. Got to RNS emergency about 1.30pm and I'm sad to say, we then sat until they had a bed... 7.50pm. It was a very hard slog.... just sitting.... I left at about 9pm when one of the nurses told me she didn't know when she'd be moved..... I felt bad about leaving her but I couldn't do any more. I am ashamed to admit that when I got home I did feel a bit of relief that I had a night to sleep without keeping one ear open. Sunday morning I started ringing early and by 9am they told me that they were going to do blood tests and that she may not be admitted. 10am ... and they tell me she is ok and the sodium is back up and that they are releasing her. I went down and got her and she is now back at home. She does seem better. I talked to one of the Dr about what I should be giving her as far as fluids go....(i had been trying to keep her hydrated with water with a bit of cordial or ginger beer) and he filled me in. Gaterade etc, hydralite... that sort of stuff. So now we are a little more knowledgeable. Off to chemo this arvo.... so I will have to try and get her to drink a bit so they can find a vein.... Later...
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