So where was I... Oww yes, I moved my mum to my place 9/01/11, so I could look after her. I am single and live alone... or did live alone, so it was the easier thing to do. I couldn't move in with them due to space and my mum WAS a smoker and her partner still is, so the house isn't my idea of sweet smelling. I gave up about 4 years ago. Also I didn't want to have to also care for her partner. He is not my dad and we aren't real close, so I thought that would just be too much. To be honest I think mum is beter off out of his house. The hospital had told me that the GP would be able to supply the scripts for the pain medication. The problem with moving her is that she now doesn't have a local GP. So I rang my local GP and he doesn't make home visits (which I didn't know). Now I'm in a all I could think of doing was to call her old GP... you know... the one who didn't notice or do anything about how ill she was. I spoke to the receptionist and explained the situation. She put me on hold and then through to the GP. He was very accomodating (funny about that - guilt perhaps?) and faxed through scripts to my local chemist. He had a copy of the discharge papers and so knew what it was that needed scripts. Phew! another small problem solved. Next problem is that my shower is over my bath, so I bought a "transit bench" and that seems to be working well. Also bought over the toilet frame, to help her as she is so frail. I'm trying to decide if I should hire a Transporter wheel chair. Last Monday was the 1st chemo. It is at RNS and was an 8am appointment. Due to the early appointment and what I know the M2 I like in the morning, we decided to splurge and stay at a motel close to the hospital. That all worked fine, but getting her to and from the car is a slow process. When we get to the hospital I have to drop her at the entrance, sit her down and then speed off to park in the car park, come back and get her. It worries me to leave her alone with the way she is. Then of course we have to make our way to level 12. If I hire the Transporter she won't walk but it will make things faster...should I keep her walking for her own good? That is the question!!! Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated.
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