My poem The c word is something everyone fears to hear Visits to the dr Tests, scans and hours waiting in a chair Everyone is someone dear I always wonder how the dr feels when he delivers the bad news Shock and hopelessness Surely that's not me who has that c disease That's what other people have How, why and now my life has changed forever in that split second All that I know and do and believe Who can rid me of this hurt- I just want it to go away I have to tell my family and this is the hardest part I pick up the phone and dial I listen to the word c-a-n-c-e-r come out of my mouth The tears they fall My daughter can't speak I can feel her crumble Devastation of a family, we question our past serenity For you out there who has been affected, I can unfortunately now empathise My mum, my best friend, you are everything to me I hold you in my heart and hope to God we can beat this aggressive insanity I love you mum I surround you with my strength and light F#%k you cancer
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