I did test PSA ever year, all were with in the range (3.5-4.5) Did 2 MRIs both came negative.All of a sudden my PSA level went up to 11.My Specialist said that a biopsy is needed .They did a biopsy (TRUS) and results came out with positive. They diagnosed prostate cancer Grade 1 ( Gleason score 3+3=6)


My doctor says that at this stage close  watch is the only thing they do ( doing PSA tests, MRIs and Biopsies)

I was very upset and devastated with the news however  I am trying to get on with my life.I just want to ask anyone out there if anyone has gone through the same kind of thing I am experiencing , and how dangerous and bad this is etc


What other options I have etc.


I thank you for reading my message and please give me some suggestions, advice, if you can


My heartfelt gratitude



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