So, the third round of chemo has been completed. His next scan is in less than 2 weeks. I feel sick just thinking about it. His tremor his increased to his leg, so now his whole left side tremors. He has weaned off the dex again- this is the first week on zero tablets, to be smashed with the worlds largest headache which has sent his straight back to bed. Better to sleep through it, than to suffer through it! We finally received our insurance money, which is a blessing, we have purchased a more suitable home for him & us. He will have his own area with his own kitchen- for him to watch tv, eat and sleep whenever he wants without disturbing the kids, and without us disturbing him. I still can't begin to understand how 2 children under the age of 4 must sound to someone with a constant thumping headache (amongst other things) So begins my new life, one were I am pretty much a single mum- packing, moving, cleaning, gardening etc Reality- When you purchase your second home ever, your family home, with the only person you have ever loved And the contract states "sole owner" sole owner- thats me- just me. Every day, I wake to hope it's just a nightmare. Every day I'm told by well meaning loved ones - you'll get your miracle, you look back on this together in 20 years and marvel how you ever got through it. And every day, it gets harder to believe that. But tomorrow is a new day And with a new day brings new hope
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