Hi, I was diagnosed with Thymoma in November 2011. This was incidental as i had my gallbladder removed in September 2011 and was having difficulty breathing. Thankfully my Dr had a chest xray done which showed "something" in my heart. I was then referred to a Cardiologist and after further investigation it was shown that it was a thymoma and had nothing to do with my heart (thank goodness). I was then sent for a biopsy which came back as benign (another phew). I was then referred to Cardiothoracic Surgeon and on December 14, he operated and removed the thymoma. The thymoma was much larger than expected, 8x8x2cm and had gone through part of my heart sac and also through part of my nerve to the diaphragm, so it was removed (including part of my heart sac and nerve) Dr had to remove it via a large 20cm incision across my back which 5 weeks later is still very painful, when pathology returned it showed up as thymic carcinoma stage ii a. As you can imagine, the first time you are told about Cancer, it feels extremely surreal as I believed "Cancer would never happen to me". However, it is early stage and I feel very positive. Next step is to undergo radiotherapy for 6 weeks, which I commence on 6 February 2012. I had my planning scan yesterday and got some new dot tattoos (these are markers for treatment). The oncologist Dr told me that with this cancer, there is a very short window of opportunity in which to treat this as it is fast growing and as it is rare they have a plan a surgery, plan b radiotherapy but no plan c. In January i noticed that I was lactating, which was very odd as I knew i wouldnt be pregnant. So off to my Dr i went and after a blood test, which showed my prolactin levels are 4 x higher than they should be, was sent for a brain mri which showed a microadenoma in my pituitary gland. So waiting to see a neurosurgeon for this. Again this is another rare tumour. I am interested in speaking with any other people who are or have been through this.
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