Fantastic news!!! Josh does not need a Platelet transfusion!! This is such a relief, all the worries of the body rejecting the transfusion have disappeared :) We're back on Wednesday for our 3rd cycle of Chemo in the afternoon, and in the morning, we have an EUA for Josh, checking the response of the tumors to the Chemo. Hopefully, they have responded well. Wednesday will be a very long day, from morning to night. The EUA roughly takes half an hour, but the wait for the Anasthetic team is the tough one. Josh has to fast from about 2am til about 2pm when his EUA is finished. I love it when he wakes up from his EUA, the first thing he asks for is chocolate... not recommended by nurses, but it makes him smile!!!! Josh has found a taste for Maggi 2 minute noodles. Its so funny, because we all have a nutritious meal, and here's Josh... With his 2 minute noodles. God bless him hahaha he is a sweetie!!! A good thing is, Josh's Port-a-cath in his chest is going really well. We were a bit skeptic at first because he has only ever had the Hickman line which is accessbile outside the skin. Unfortunately, the port is accessible by inserting a needle under the skin to access the central line. So far, Josh has been doing alright with it, and im SO proud of my little brother!! Bless his soul. Thanks everyone for your thoughts, Love from The Johansen Family xx
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Hi to the Johansen family, Congratulations on Josh going well. The 2 minute noodles he likes so much is what Wazza has after his chemo too, he has lots of Watermelon, cold grapes from the freezer & oranges, lots of things cool. The first time you posted I had tears running down my face while reading your story on Josh, we have a grandchild the same age as Josh, it really hit home with us. We are praying that tings go better for Josh. Wazza & Merkel.
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