This journey began due to me not being able to acquire medical insurance due to my cancer and kidney dis-ease, so began my quest to see if traveling to France, Europe would be a dream come true or as my sister said "you've missed the boat", suck it up. See "Covermore" for assistance and peace of mind when traveling. They automatically cover Breast,Prostate,Kidney,Bowel and Colon cancers. All other cancers or pre-existing conditions require assessments however most are covered and your premium will be higher, however peace of mind when traveling. I have also checked with the financial ombudsman to see if below company is registered and YES they are legitimate. Fax: (02) 9202 8001 Phone: 1300 72 88 22 Email: Mail: Private Bag 913, North Sydney, NSW, Australia 205 This is not a paid advertisement and opinions are of mine alone. As for the boat comment from my sister, well I have a plaque at home that said "If your boat hasn't come in, swim out to it"........ God Speed Steve Jobs and thank you for my apple.......eve would be jealous.
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