Its been 15yrs 30/07/1996 at 8.10am since my Dad, Dennis passed from kidney failure and leukaemia. Im sitting here watching Masterchef who taught me, STRESSED is DESSERTS in reverse. Dad kept the upper stiff lip and never let anyone close and went to all appts alone. This was to protect his family and because he was not coping. Me, well I have discovered Im very much like my Dad, however Im trying to embrace change everyday and choosing the opposite of what I want. My best advice I have learnt in the last 3 mths, if it scares the hell out of you, you must conquered it. It disintegrates STRESS. So this is to say I love you Dad and thank you for being you. You help mould me to who I am today. Because of you I travel the road of cancer more humble, educated and with insight of acceptance. I love you
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