It has been a while since I posted on this part of the site, or even commented on others posts. Some of you will remember that I live with advanced prostate cancer. Nearly a year ago it had travelled up through the lymph nodes , wrapped itself around the tube connecting the left kidney to the bladder and strangled the plumbing. Very painful!! A stent was put in. That managed to block on Christmas day and so New Year was spent in hospital. A course of iv-antibiotics got rid of the persistent kidney infection that had set in. Since February I have been on a clinical trial of a new drug and that seems to be working well. After an initial burst of energy as the effects of the cancer went away, the side effects of the drug kicked in - fatigue and muscle cramps. Nevertheless thee are manageable and worth it if the drug is working. However, the kidney problems continue. So am waiting on the surgeon's opinion following a CT scan and a nuclear medicine kidney scan. So it is another case of tighten up the main, trim the jib, and sail on through rough weather. Cheers Sailor I hate storms, but calms undermine my spirits.
- Bernard Moitessier
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