I was diagnosed exactly one week ago today. Triple negative breast cancer. My appointment with the surgeon booked for twelve days later. TWELVE days. I don't know if my days have passed so slowly as these last seven have. I have two small kids. Samuel has just turned 6. In fact his birthday was the day after my diagnosis. And Elizabeth is 3, turning 4 in April. So with just these two I'm busy. I have a wonderful husband, we've been married 13 months. I'm a chef in a local restaurant, which runs two kitchens, we're desperately understaffed, I'm often working long hours, split shifts to accommodate the childrens needs. I'm active, I do fun runs, I'm usually the first up and the last to bed, with my days passing in a blur of activity. And now the waiting. I've googled, I've talked to friends who have fought cancer, I've spoken to family.... I know I need to stay positive, but the saying is so much easier than the doing...
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