Today Ben had a scan Wednesday we find out the results I'm feeling excited, nervous, panicked, anxious, nauseated then excited again. He's been so well, the best I've seen him in a long time, maybe just maybe 2013 is our year.... the year to kick 2012 to the curb! I'll report back....... with awesome news I hope!!
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Hi Melanie, I'm hoping great things for you! The waiting's really hard, isn't it. Hang in there, I'm looking forward to hearing from you on Wednesday. love Emily
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Hoping you get good news. Hate the time of scans, the build up to them and then waiting for results. Best of luck. We have Pete's MRI next Thursday (my birthday) then results the next day. So Iam already starting to feel anxious. At this stage for us all we can hope is that the tumours are stable and no new ones.
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We will all cross our fingers for you both!
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