Second week back at work and all is well. Still a bit worried about tightness in my mouth and changes in my ability to swallow. I am sure it is all well. It is now 12 months since I received my diagnosis, 11 months since surgery and 8 months since radiotherapy/chemotherapy. For the first 6 months I did notice gradual improvements but now it seems to have either slowed down or regressed It is hard not to worry about 'the return'. It really is challenging. Stay positive and if 'the return' occurs then I will manage it
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Hey Ross How i try and manage that one is to focus heavily on today and cross bridge if and when they happen. We can worry ourselves sick over something that may or may not happen. There is a lot of research going on all the time and in fact i received info on a small clinical trial being held in the uk at the moment. Apparently they are getting some good results ..... :) Take care Julie ps to anyone that reads this ... am away from home at the mo and will reply to messages as soon as i can.
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