How do I reply when people ask "how is your Dad?" Do they really want to know? For a long while now I have just said okay, or he's not too bad which is how he will also respond to people when they ask him; I have seen him keep up appearances for tohers for so long as he doesn't want to worry them. Now I can't do it any longer, especially in the last month. Whenever anyone asks how is your dad to my face or even in an email, I find I am pouring it all out. Its unfair that they should have to be bourdened with my worries. I know that most ask as they gueniunely care but I can also see it in their faces that they are not prepared for my frank and honest response. Then there is the question of how are you coping with it all? Do they REALLY want to know the truth....because if I start telling you how it honestly is I will hear your reverse beepers going as you back away from me 🙂 Im angry, Im sad, Im scared, Im content, Im happy, Im tired... all at once! And yes there is a smile on my face most of the time that you see me cause if I don't smile everything else will take over and its the only way that the tsunami of feelings are kept inside. Maybe I should put out a broadcast to everyone - Only ask me if you REALLY want to know and be prepared for my response...if you don't want to know then please don't ask and know that I understand xox
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