My husband has cancer, it is killing him and in the process killing our family. It is a slow process, a cruel process, there is no part of our life that has remained the same since cancer entered it. Every day in some way, a little piece of the life we knew disappears. Innocence has been lost, carefree attitudes have been replaced with worry, energy has been replaced with constant fatigue....and so it goes on. The rollercoaster of emotions began a year ago, but in the last three months the turns have been coming sooner and the ups and downs are coming much faster with no opportunity to 'catch your breath' in between. I don't know how we will survive whatever is in store for us in the next three months. Communication is negligible and when it comes it is usually snappy, aggressive and negative. Energy is at an all time low. Happy family we are not. This is not the kind of memory I want for myself and our children. And chocolate can't fix it.
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