Hi - I am new here. I am worried about my Father-in-law (mid 60's) who is caring for my Mother-in-law who has 2 types of cancers. In the past month she has deterioated like you wouldn't believe. He won't get any help in to do domestic duties and insists on caring for her. (they have a large house to manage) I worry that his method of coping will consume him. She's not so mobile at the moment either. He's old school and I have suggested that there are resources out there but he says he's 'fine for the moment'. I am a carer myself of my 4yr old boy and I know how consuming and isolating caring can get. I can't just sit back and do nothing, any advice? Jac
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Only that you can't tell someone unless they want to hear. 🙂 Everyone comes to realisations in their own time and I guess all we can do is to be there if and when people need us.
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Thanks for that. I've also asked his son (my husband) to check in on him as another 'bloke'. You're absolutely right though, all we can do is be here for him when he is ready.:)
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Good idea re the bloke approach. It is hard to stand back and watch when you know people are having a difficult time. I am sure your fil appreciates you being so caring. 🙂
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