going to see our friend tonight and cant wait to give him a hug and say i love you. got on the phone to look for a support group for him, but its so raw i don't think he'll go.
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Be there for your friend when he wants you and you can . A friend of mine ,not a very close friend but one of about 5 years died from brain cancer.Her husband had given up work to look after her . About 18 months after her death he took his own life. I think it is especially hard for men to lose a spouse .Women usually have a wider circle of friends and they also tend to share their feelings more easily with friends. This is my opinion only . So if your friend does join that support group it could make a tremendous difference in his life.
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thank you for your encouraging words. thankfully he has decided to get support and I offered to go with him to a group. Your right men do find it particularly hard and his son, they lost the nurturer in their family and they long for that connection to soothe their heartache.
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