Hi to all my fellow travellers on this journey called cancer. I did not expect to still be here after being diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer in Sept 2014. But the great surgeons at Nepean hospital and the cancer centre staff have given me a chance at life. The reason for my blog today is the terrible toll that cancer also takes with your loved ones. My partner was only with me for 3 weeks when I was diagnosed. I told her that if it was too much to take on, then let me go and do it myself. She assured me that her love would get us thru the hard times. After 2 operations and 8 rounds of chemo, we had a small argument over nothing, but some of the things she said to me made me pack up and leave. The worst thing she said was that looking after me was like working in a convalescent hospital. Some things once said cannot be unsaid, I feel so bad that I was such a burden to her. So now I face the future feeling hated by her, but really caused by the cancer. Any comments would be welcome.
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