Hi there! My darling husband has been taken off his syringe driver of hydromorphone and put onto kapenol tablets (8 a day), dexmethasone (I thought it was to increase his appetite- but maybe it is nausea), pregabalin, somac, panadol and a few other bits and pieces for the pain caused by his cancer and peritonectomy. He is now a hopeless insomniac- falls asleep in the shower, on the toilet, while driving the car (I have banned him now....)but is unable to sleep at night, in his own bed, and is constantly on the prowl.... Obviously myself and our two young children are not around to keep him amused so boredom sets in.... Does anyone have any ideas for sleep? He has been to a clinic to try to regulate his sleeping patterns, does meditation, takes both natural and prescribed sleeping pills (imovane does weird stuff though- on his second last stint in hospital, he got fully dressed in the middle of the night and told the nurses he was off to Surfers Paradise for a beer and a dance....but remembers none of it!) Any advice would be grand! Take care out there! PA
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