Back to work I go on Monday to lots of questions I can not answer. Got a letter from the hospital the other day, said an appointment will be made for me in about 3 weeks time my case is going in front of a board to see what happens next. It has been a hard month also 2 different hospitals one of which is women's health, had my last appointment with them on the Friday before the op on the Wednesday at the other hospital. The second tumour they thought was ovarian cancer the oncology department there found that it was lymph node, but as far as I can get the info did not get to the other in time, this is only an assumption as I could not get answers at the time of the surgery or after, feel a bit in limbo, everybody keeps saying ask questions I have been but no answers
It is difficult to have to wait, going back to work may take your mind of things for a while. I assume the board is the team that are looking after you, and after looking at all the issues in your case will offer you the best pathway to take. Keep strong
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Actually, work can be a god send when you are ready for it, however LIFE has bills to some of us go back earlier....Choose your attitude every day and if there are days when you cant, maybe you should take a health day? Jules
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All the best. If people ask tricky questions remember you can tell what you want to tell and keep what you want to yourself . Maybe work out beforehand what you want to say so you won't be caught offguard. You will know those who are genuinely caring and concerned and those who may be curious. Maybe you want to tell all you know mmaybe not. I agree that working could help take your mind off the waiting .
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I am finding it hard to get back work as new casuals were put on when I was unable to work after surgery(radical hysterectomy and debulking) and in the first weeks of chemo (paclitxol and carboplatin). I think the bosses dont want to upset the new girls in case I end up being unable to work again. I am feeling fine at present and just have one treatment of chemo to go - having had 6 cycles each of 4 weeks. I get anxious and stressed when not having enough to do so even a couple of hours work gets me out of the house. I have 2 adult sons still living at home and 2 with families, one within 10 mins and the other 30 mins away.
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