on the 21st of november at 7.53pm by beloved husband passed away from this hideous disease . i slept by his bedside in hospital watching him in excrutiating pain. its so not fair and cruel . i want to scream and cry but it wont come . but he was a hero to us ... he went on drug trials not to really help him but to others and he had a donation box at his funeral to donate to gist alliance ... to all that are going thru this journey with gist tumours if you need to talk please message me xx with love jill xxx
Oh Jill, My heart goes out to you and your loved ones at this time. Cancer is such a brutal force that relentlessly targets our loved ones. What a valiant fighter your dear husband must have been and such a wonderful man to have you beside him throughout his battle. His memory and spirit will live forever in your hearts and through those he touched. Hugs and blessings to you and your loved ones Jill and please be gentle with yourself atm....I have heard that for the past 2 months but finally get it - take all the time you need and be mindful of your needs (which you might have pushed aside over the past months). x Amanda.
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Jill Im so sorry for your loss.Cling onto your memories hold them close as he would want you to.My heart goes out to you and your family. Cancer takes the good ones from us why I dont know.Im sure your husband put up a tremendous fight knowing that you were by his side would have eased alot of his pain.Take care of yourself and if you need to talk Im here to listen..x Jo.(stargazer)
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so sad ,im sorry for your loss, x shelly
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