I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer,i have had my mastectomy and I am receiving chemo at 3 week intervals my 2nd last course is on Friday this week. I have had quite a few stays in hospital due to the effects of the the chemo and infections etc., I am finding that the depression and anxiety has taken over and has become quite debilitating. I can no longer drive my car, I cannot stay in the house on my own, i find it very hard to relax. I am under my local GP's care for this but would help to speak to someone who is experiencing the same
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I am not suffering the same as you but I am suffering depression and anxiety. My boyfriend has Melanoma and I am finding it hard to deal with. He dosn't want to talk about it so I come on this site to try and help myself. It does help just to write my thought here and have other people understand some of what I am going through. I am also under my GP's care for it and this site helps much more so I hope it helps you. I don't know what else to say to you other than try and stay strong and if you need to chat I will be here for you. Do you have a facebook account? If so we could chat on there if you like. My url for facebook is http://facebook.com/geraldine.higgin. Hope to see you on facebook or to chat again here. Oh before I go you better let me know your name so I will know its you if you add me to facebook. 🙂 Sending all the courage and calm thoughts I can muster, hope you feel ok today.
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thanks Geraldine i can only imagine how you feel, talking about things certainly does make things easier, my husband was diagnosed with melanoma just on two years ago , but after surgery all was removed and no further treatment , he has regular checks at the melanoma clinic for any changes elsewhere. I have just been having so much trouble dealing with the depression we have had so much happen in our lives over the years and i think whenever another health issue arrises it just sends me over the edge, We lost our youngest daughter at 13 years of age to leaukaemia just on 19 years ago, just so much sadness, and then when i was diagnosed i tried so hard to be strong for my husband and my other 2 children but eventually it got to me and now once again i am really struggling,I have had a good couple of days because of my girlfriends visits we have been friends for so long they brighten my days. My name is Linda Greivulis I will send you a request on fb
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Hi Greiv55 I was also diagnosed with BC and had a mastectomy and due to a failed reconstruction I am now suffering from anxiety and depression. My anxiety was so bad I couldn't travel on public transport and found it difficult going out. I am now seeing a psychiatrist and she has helped me with my anxiety to the point that I have managed to go back to work part-time. It took a number of teary visits back to my workplace before I was able to enter the building and feel OK. I am on medication for both and as I see take what you have to to get you through this really tough time. I also find it hard to relax - meditation just doesn't seem to work for me but I continue to do things that I enjoy, going out to see a film, watching trashy TV and following Twitter which is a lot of fun. All the best ehenders
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