My sister and I have been best friends our whole lives. Two peas in a pod, kinda. She has multiple myeloma and amyloidosis. I moved in with her to help care for her. After about 4 weeks she began to have outbursts of anger and terrible frustration. I totally get that, I cant imagine what she is going through. I have done everything I can to care, clean, shop, cook ...

    A couple weeks ago she began to attack me personally, brutally and without control. At first she would apologize for being mean. Then she stopped apologizing and just went full force at my throat (like a pit bull). I have never had someone that I've done so much for treat me this way. The abuse got so bad I was forced to leave last week. I am heartbroken that we cannot communicate because of the anger or whatever it is. I've never seen such rage. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it the grieving process, the anger I mean.

All I know is that I love her and i have no clue how to respond to her now.


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Hello hurt,


I'm sorry this has happened.   Did she have a change in medication or dose of the meds she's on?  I'm wondering if that could be the cause, otherwise, I'm at a loss to explain it as well.  It could be the anger & jealousy, knowing that she has a shorter lifespan than you, & having you there everyday is a constant reminder & she's taking it out on you!  

I hope you can find a way to ease her feelings.  From what you've said, I take it she's not seeing a counsellor.  Perhaps it's what she needs - to find a way to channel her thoughts down a different path.  I don't suppose she would take the suggestion to seek help from you though - is there someone else that could suggest it to her?




Hi Budgie,

thanks for your thoughts. Yes others have mentioned it to her. I’m just at a loss in this, I was told that people who are very angry will take it out on someone that they think will not leave them. I don’t know but it is devastating.

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