Well I got my letter in the mail today about my next surgery that is a result from my first cancer. I am looking forward to it but scared at the same time.I have a bladder reconstruction and a sling put in. I am hoping that is straight forward, but my family are hurting seeing me go under the knife once again. I have tried to hold them up in the past but for some reason no longer have the strength to do so this time. Please help, all I do now is work and come home. I have even found it hard to answer the phone from them for they want to hear words that I no longer have. I am tired and just need some support from people that sometimes do not have the right word. I need some incouraging words for my family, please help they think I have given up because I do not want to talk about it. I have far from given up but with everything over the last four years I just do not want to say the wrong thing to them..
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