let me start by telling you a bit, in march this year i went to the docs about a freckle on my neck, he referred me to a dermatologist who did a biopsy, then rang me back a week later to say it was a malignant melanoma and had to be removed, fine job done, then in may i had op on bum to remove growths on inside of bum cheek only to be told anal squomous cell carcinoma, 6 weeks of radiation followed and am on the mend now and see my speciallist next week for hopefully good news. I am booked in to see my dermatologist at the end of november to get a cyst removed from my forehead - hopefully thats all it is, now while i am there i am going to get my toe checked as i have a mole on the side of my toe but i also have a big lump under the same toe, now my question is can you have cancer in your toes? could my lump be nothing? it has started hurting when i wear certain shoes so now wont wear them. Maybe i am being melodramatic but with already 2 cancer results this year i dont think i can handle any more, any advice etc would be grateful, Thank you
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