Hi anyone, My name is Linda and less than 2 weeks ago, my brother was diagonosed with bowel cancer, it has spread to his liver, and after having surgery last Thursday to remove the bowel tumour and some of his liver, the surgeon also found "something" in his abdominal cavity- wonder what that might be? Surprisingly, one of my friends kindly said that she could tell me what it would be, Duh, how stupid does she think I am? I have found it really comforting to read so many stories of absolute courage, despair, sadness and so many emotions, even smiling at reading of people who are expressing exactly the same feelings as I am having, even at this early stage. It is just so surreal, it,s like I,m writing about some person I don,t even know, and I feel so guilty because I haven,t really cried yet. I live on the Central Coast and Geoff lives at Sans Souci so I feel so far away although getting to St George Private by train is really easy, that,ll be me tomorrow. Thanks to anyone who reads this, just being able to "put pen to paper" seems to ease the load. Linda
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