Having my last chemo on Tuesday hopefully only 2 more weeks of feeling like shit and life will return as it was before, or am I being to optimistic, is radation for the following 6 weeks going to be a walk in the park like they promised?
Margc, Hope the last chemo can be celebrated. Best of luck for radiation, my husband had very little trouble with it, just fatigue and a bit of redness (his was full brain treatment so not sure if that is different to breast radiation). Take care, hope you're feeling better soon. Jill.
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Hi there Margc, Hey congrats on your last chemo, it is definitely something to look forward to, i know i did. That horrible, revolting, shitty, nauseas, chemo feeling is absolutely unique & one that none of us want to repeat. As for radiotherapy it's a bit hard to say cos we are all different. I had radio for head & neck cancer so i can really only say what that's like...but.....i was having radio at the same time as some breast cancer ladies & they all seemed to do well. From what they told me they had minimal redness until after treatment was finished & the the redness & soreness does get worse. (sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings!) But i would have to say i would go for radio before chemo anyday! Good luck! Hugs xox
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Hi Chemo is definetely the worst ......and it can take awhile to get over. The nausea disappears and the nasty taste in your mouth etc too but the tiredness and aches and pains can linger. I did the six and a half weeks of radiation and I must say - you need to look after yourself as it can be very tiring. I didn't get any nasty skin side affects - a bit of redness like mild sunburn and towards the end my nipple was peeling and very dry. I used the moisturiser they gave me every day and I'm sure that helped. I also bought the deodorant they suggested and only used that. It is a crystal deodorant. I was very tired especially in the last couple of weeks and strongly suggest you have a rest each day and don't take on too much if you don't feel like it as the exhaustion has a tendency to creep up on you. I would be in the shopping centre and suddenly just feel I had to lie down and couldn't go on. Don't forget that everyone is different - I know someone who worked right through and didn't feel too bad with radiation. So hopefully this will be how it is for you. I can promise you this though - it is 100% better than chemo. So, take care of yourself, be kind to yourself, and congratulations on the end of your 'is' a good feeling...... Kind regards, Willow....xo
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Congratulations Margc WooHoo! Celebrations are definately in order. How will you be celebrating? I bought myself a new pair of earrings and went out to dinner with my husband. I can't begin to tell you how good and positive I felt after my last chemo. I am also on Avastin (trial drug) so my recovery has been slower than most. Radiotherapy IS a walk in the park compared to Chemo but it is very tiring after it gets into your system. I personally would come home from radio eat a bit of lunch and go back to bed, some days I was too tired to eat my lunch & just went to bed. As Willow and Mez said everyone is different. I had my last radio almost 4 weeks ago and only this past week can I go longer than 2 hours after waking up before heading back to bed. I didn't go back to bed at all the last few days but I tend to fight it rather than just go with the flow. Again I must say Congratulations Margc. Lyn xo
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