Hi there; I'm looking for diets to give to my mother. She refused to eat, or drink so far I'm do my best but its so hard. Please if someone knows anything ....thank you/
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It is important to drink lots of water, have raw green leafy vegetables, such as dandelion, aragula, spinach, juicing vegetables frequent small prepared meals, green tea, ginger for nausea, asparagus, Kale, cabbage, walnuts, whole grains and pretty much just eating small healthy foods-avoid processed foods I hope this helps- You need to help detoxify the liver as much as possible but I also recommend passing any of this by your physician first. I found that my mother enjoys to have her meals with a family member. She will not eat much with a home care individual sitting by her. I have realized that feeling included with a family member sitting and eating with you is far more motivating for my mother. Lynette
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