I have an 18 year old with rectal cancer they say stage 4 pallitive care, we found out in january 2011 after 9 months of her complaining of stomach pains not going to the toilet tests saying your constipated, drink this and that take this enima... off to the emergency 3 enimas there and litres of some concoxsion no tests... this will move it, but nope still nothing so we decide to leave with no hope and our bag of sabosatries in hand and the hope that our colonosopy wont be to much longer ( 3 months wait) finally our appointment the doctor had to use a pediactric scope as he found a growth (tumor). We were called into he's office the next day as the biopsy came back cancer, advanced. They say shes had it 2-3 years extemely rare they say 1 in a million this is a 50 plus disease suppose to be some comfort in that, so within a week they do a colostomy, great while they are in doing this procedure they find it has spread spots around her stomach, bowel its taken up her perenium and now we have palitive care and no more talk of surgery as its spread a time frame on her life. Watching my outgoing daughter turn into a young woman who has no energy and pushes her friends away and has become very relient on me like a 3 year old emotionally, she cant bring herself to go anywhere im still working but the guilt of needing to work and needing to be at home with her plays on me what if the doctors are right and she doesnt survive this, have i done the right things. I have 3 other younger kids that struggle to get any time with me as my eldest (sick child) wants and needs so much of my time she lays in her bed all day and night as its most comfy for her so thats where she wants me too next to her but when the others come in she has no tolerance to them when all they want is there mum aswel, I'M TORN. She is so emotional she calls me at work sobbing not knowing why she is so upset but knows she just wants me, she doesnt eat, she wont take any medication other then her pain relief she tells me she wants to give up "i only want her around because shes my friend and ill have no one else to talk to" she is right in the fact she is my best friend but she is also my daughter and i cant even imagine life without her....
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