where do I start? My mum has lung cancer which has spread, she's gone for 7 months so far when they said 3 would be max. Shes changed so much I can't believe it, so rude, so angry, so cynical of everything. So bossy, so controlling and manipulative, not only of me but my kids too which effects them and theyre over it. I can barely afford to live and had to ask her to contribute. $60 she said a week will keep her and all she gives me. I don't qualify for a carers allowance as she is palliative. My siblings just want her gone to a nursing home and want nothing to do with her. They live in her properties she owns, and mum pays all the expenses on the houses. I live in my own house, not hers. Mum refuses to take her meds mostly, refuses to shower so I've got a nurse coming out three times a week to do it and mum refuses to pay the $12 fee a week for this! Says I should do it. I have to take her to hospital and doctors etc all the time, have to wheel her around with oxygen and it kills me physically. I've got great help with equipment for free from palliative. My mum is just so different I tell myself she is dying, but I don't know how much longer I can do this. The reason I said no to siblings about a nurseing home is because my mum was adamant she wouldnt go into one. I know shed have to sell the properties my siblings are in to afford to go into one which she detests, but I don't know what to do. Any suggestions on how to handle a palliative cancer patient? I don't mean to whinge, I have no one to turn to, friends just say lucky my kids are there to help but they are over it and just keep away from her. Cant blame them really and I feel bad thinking what I'vedone to my family. I am lost.
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