Not sure what to write, but I need to write it down because I want to make some sense of the events, emotions and the future. Shock, disbelief … it can’t be really happening, mental numbness, anxiety followed by pain and then a drug induced fog. I jumped on the roller coaster called cancer, there is no getting off the ride.
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On a roller coaster ride called cancer? and there is no getting of the ride? Believe me, it does feel like that, but as a survivor of over 5 years, I find that it does get easier. Some days you just feel yuck!!! I can't do this, then you look around and think then, yes I can!!!. Have you thought of talking to anyone about all of this? I am a volunteer for Cancer Connect and promote this as often as I can. Cancer Connect is part of the helpline 131120. Connect is where you can call and ask to speak to someone that has experienced the same cancer or treatment as yourself. You are matched with a volunteer, who calls you on the phone. Everything is confidential between you and the caller, and you can relate to that volunteer because they understand what you are going through. Hope that everything is going ok for you now and that you have a great christmas and a safe, happy and healthier 2013.
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