I'm new to this, but I'm hoping sharing this with other people will help me through my journey as a carer. My husband Nigel was dx with a GBM 4 on his 50th Birthday - 13 August 12. First debulking completed 16 August and second 16 September. We were advised a life expectancy of 6- 12 mths. Nigel's tumour is located in the back of the brain on the right hand side which has effected his sight - he has lost the ability to drive or ride his motorbikes, but has accepted his loss of independence gracefully. Radiation and chemo nearly completed with 5 treatments remaining. Nigel has had no side effects with the treatment just a bit if tiredness of which one hours sleep helps him during the day. Dex medication has made him very weak in the arms and legs and struggles with menial tasks during the day. Nigel is on 8mg of dex a day to assist him with the tumour and another disease that he has had for 20yrs and requires steroids to manage this disease. He is on no medication for seizures as he has not had a seizure yet. I have found reading the blogs very interesting on this site and know that I am in for a rough ride. But to date we have had it easy and enjoying our time together and getting out and about and enjoying life. I am so grateful that he still has his warp sense of humour, intelligence and communication is good. Not sure how long for but I will take what I can. I look forward to the groups support in need.
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