After diagnosis of stage 4 cancer last Sept, I was operated on in November and had a successful removal of the tumour. Then I was told that it had spread to my liver, so had 4 rounds of chemo. 6 weeks ago I had my gall bladder and half my liver removed, and the next stage will probably be more chemo. What I want to say to everyone suffering from this bloody disease is never give up, I feel that I can if not beat this, at least fight as hard as I can. I hope to report again in about a year, maybe 2 or 3. Cheers Dave
Stay strong and fight hard Dave, I had stage 3 bowel cancer I was diagnosed in 2010 at 30 years of age, its a long hard fight but it is worth it in the end, I didn't go through what you are going through but just wanted to wish you all the very best.
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Good luck Dave. I've been fighting since original tumour removed in April 2013, 4 left in lungs now with signs of necrosis Smile I've been through a lot and still doing chemo but I will continue to fight. Stay strong.
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