I can't seem to stop crying. I have felt on the verge of tears for weeks, and today they just won't stop. I feel like just sleeping and sleeping and sleeping yet can't. There is so much going on and so many people to deal with and I really don't have time for this stupid outburst, yet out they come anyway. My daughter snapped at me over something little and after I dropped her off they started and eight hours later, they are still going. My husband is just annoyed with me about it. Am I going crazy?
You're not going crazy, you are a caring human being who needs someone else to care for her. Cry, your body will be so wound up that it will need the release of the tears before it will 'relax' enough to sleep. Once the body can relax then hopefully you will get that sleep you are craving. My body is craving it right now, so I am signing off for tonight, and will be back online to touch base with all my fellow warriors tomorrow. We can all draw strength from each other. Hugz to you, Jill
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hugsss larn ... you arent going crazy at all, just being human. Cry all you need to and then you will be ready to come up smiling again. Julie
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Hey Alana Cry, cry and cry some more and flip the bird to whoever gets annoyed. You spend so much time being strong, putting on the brave face and NOT trying to cry. The pressure has to go somewhere and of course, we all just bottle it up so we can keep going (I do it too!). But there comes a point where it has to come out. And to cry, is generally the only way to release it for us mere females. I know I've been crying a fair bit in the past weeks - as the pressure has built as treatment goes on, the less I've been able to bottle. Be careful you aren't pushing yourself so hard that you're emotionally, physically and mentally burnt out which I think you possibly have. Perhaps see the social worker at your hospital, see if you can get some professional assistance so you don't feel like you have to do it all on your own. I've always found it good to talk to someone who is objective and not emotionally involved in my problems. Vent your spleen. It works like magic! Take care darl Jo
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Hi Iarn75, I agree with everyone, just cry, you need it. Crying is the bodies way of coping with turmoil and emotion. I bet we have all had a good cry throughout our cancer journeys, whether you are the person with cancer or a carer. Better to let out the emotion than bottle it up, otherwise it will come back and “bite you on the bum”. Have a coffee with a good friend, talk about something other than cancer, take a break from cancer just for a little while. You need time to refresh your mind and body. I have found a beautiful book about friendship and I have borrowed a quote from it for you:- “But every road is rough to me That has no friend to cheer it.” Elizabeth Shane Wishing you a gentle road ahead. Reindeer xxoo
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Oh I am so envious of your tears. I haven't yet come to that point where I can cry about my own situation. But boy, I think that your tears are such a blessing. Cry for all your worth and then some. God bless
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