Still havn't heard from the Melanoma clinic and Darryn won't ring to find out why. We were told two to three weeks and it has been four now. I have told him he should ring the hospital and find out why we haven't heard from them but he just nods his head and doesn't do it. I think its because he doesn't want to know in case it more bad news. He is still always tired and says he is going to quit his job almost daily. I try to be supportive and loving but he makes it hard when he is always grumpy. I have been having problems with my son lately, he is 35 and has Asperger's syndrome and some other problem I tend to think. He quit his job back in October last year and has been living off his savings since then but they have run out now. Because of his inability to manage his money and get bill, rent ect paid I had to organize for the public trustee to manage his money for him, this has been working well until now. He doesn't keep appointment's as a result he hasn't been put back on his disability payment. I am at my wits end with the whole thing. He is a hoarder like you see on tv on those shows with piles of newspapers and empty coke bottles piled high and only a small space where he has to walk to get to the bathroom and places he needs to get to only, re rest of space is taken up with mess. He live in a small one room apartment in the city and only cleans up for his rental inspections. Thank goodness for those inspections. It had been a month and I couldn't reach him on his phone and was getting worried about him so I asked a friend who lives close by to go see if he is ok and find out why I can't get him on his phone. It has died and he has no money to buy a new one so it looks like I will have to get him one. Anyway enough raving about him, he is a man and chooses to live the way he does so how can I change it. Well that got a bit off topic but just needed to write what is on my mind.
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