Just typed half a page and it suddenly disappeared!Note to me: work on those IT skills. So, last week doctors at Cancer Centre tell me chemo is the only way to go, today surgeon/oncologist tells me chemo will have no effect on this LMS the only way to go is surgery if that's possible.. So booked in for PET scan Tuesday and from then on to a cardio/ thoracic surgeon. If it's operable, good, if not "looks a bit dismal". Well I don't feel any different , still do 5 gym workouts a week and drag the dogs out for one or two walks a day as well as my 3 day a week nannying job and a bit of casual teaching. I think the main thing I fear is "getting sick" and not being able to steam around at the same pace as now.I have never been a patient waiter, suppose now's as good a time as any to learn.
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