Hi, I have multiple myeloma, diagnosed in Oct 2005, chemo then stem cell transplant in Jan 2006. Remission until relapse in mid 2008. Firstly I have to say that my quality of life is very good and I am grateful that there is so much for me to share and enjoy. After taking Thalidomide for over a year, I found the side effects increasingly difficult to live with, so have been almost a month on Revlimid. So far - better in some, worse in others. Next week I see my Oncologist and find out if it's managing the MM well enough, so I am in that strange limbo that many of us know - in between blood test and results. Under the Thalidomide, my cancer levels were slowly rising so I have fingers crossed that the Revlimid is working super-well. cheers - Tjebi.
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