Bucket list plans shattered by Covid 19

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Bucket list plans shattered by Covid 19

Hello all.

I think most people start thinking about the things they'd like to do with their remaining time as they get older, and for those of us whose cancer treatment is becoming no longer effective, it's very much in the forefront of our minds. Spending time with friends and family, perhaps travel, helping others less fortunate are some that spring to mind.

Kidney cancer and I go way back. I lost my right kidney to cancer in 2008, part of my left in 2012, and was diagnosed with metastatic renal cancer in 2017, so I've had plenty of time to think about these things.  My oncologist tells me I have around 12 months left. (That was over 3 months ago) Very near the top of my bucket list was seeing a lot more of this beautiful country of ours, and having accessed my superannuation benefit due to terminal illness I bought myself a beautiful big caravan and 4 wheel drive. Unfortunately I only managed a few days away with my little dog before the corona virus restrictions began to come into place. Even then, being a fan of free (bush) camping I thought I'd be ok. Now I find that in South Australia even crown land is out of bounds.

Regardless of the fact that I'm completely self-sufficient and it's just myself and my little best mate, I can no longer carry out all I had planned for my final few months of relatively good health. Ah if only I knew a shady little spot by the river where I could throw in a line, relax and bother no one ... and vice versa.

I'm sure there are others in a similar helpless situation. If so, I'd love to here from you. As the saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved ... or something like that. 

Warm regards, 


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Re: Bucket list plans shattered by Covid 19

Hi Bucket List, 

I was impressed with your post.  You have stage 4 cancer, cant get out anywhere and yet I don't sense any anger.  Good for you!  I'm sure you wish to travel. I would if I were you!  I'm sorry it's just you and your pet.  That sounds sad. I'm grateful for you because you cheered me up tonight just at the thought that I could read your story here and perhaps encourage you.  Where will you go in Australia when the bann is lifted?  I'm from the USA and have always wanted to visit AU.  The pictures are so beautiful!  Can you take day trips?   Just go somewhere out doors and enjoy each day to the fullest!   Perhaps make a few friends on this website.  Jilliepie is the first one.  Me!   Where can we go travel?  Who else wants to go?  We all could rent a video of that area and watch it the same day!  What do you think?  Come back and comment on what we thought about it. You could recommend places in Ausi and I could check them out and Vis a versa. What do you think?  Have you ever been to Hawaii?  Check out youtube on the Island of Kauai, The Napoli coast.  There are several videos.  Give me one for Australia.  Praying for you tonight friend!


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