Frustrated Angry Spouse

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Frustrated Angry Spouse

Hi all, I'm not from Australia I'm from the United States. My husband has prostate cancer and is now in remission and continues to get shots for suppress testosterone levels  so that the cancer will not come back.  He just got one yesterday and since then he is having trouble with his anger. You've probably heard it before but no matter what I say I can't convince him nothing makes sense.  So sad to say that I lose my temper and can feel pretty hurt.  I feel bad for him. And I don't know what else to say except it's nice to write on here and maybe someone might respond in a healthy manner. Thank you!  My husband is a good man. It is not fair but life isnt fair is it?

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Re: Frustrated Angry Spouse

Hi Jilliepie,

I feel for you and it is good to have a space here to express your emotions and frustration. 

Unfortunately I too had a bad experience recently when I lose my cool with my husband who is also affected by the side effects of chemotherapy for his oesophageal cancer. 

I know he is feeling awful and coping his best with all the discomforts in his body and I have read that the cancer therapy can make him short-tempered. 

We’ll have to be strong for our husbands as we know the good person that is in them. Give him some slack and keep your eye on the Goal of supporting him through this difficult time.


Stay strong, have a good cry if you can and do your best to hold your tongue. This is what I keep telling myself too ❤️

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