Concerns about COVID-19

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Concerns about COVID-19

Hello all,


Cancer Council understands that Australians, and people across the world, affected by cancer, may have questions in relation to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus and the illness it causes, COVID-19.


If you have cancer your immune system may not be as strong as it is normally so you may have concerns about the risks associated with COVID-19. Generally speaking, people with cancer should follow the specific advice and standard precautions recommended by your health care practitioners to minimise your risk of infection, both during and after treatment.


If you are feeling anxious, have questions or need support, please remember that our Information and Support line is available on 13 11 20, 9am-5pm weekdays. Our team of health professionals can provide emotional support as well as practical tips for minimising the risk of infection during this time.


Note: Only Australians can call our 13 11 20 Information and Support service, but there would no doubt be similar services in your own country that are accessible to you.


We encourage you all to use this forum to discuss the developing situation, and to ask any questions you may have. We have a large community of people here, as well as a team here at Cancer Council that are happy to jump in if you need us.


-Cancer Council Online Community team

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Re: Concerns about COVID-19

Just a bit of an update!


13 11 20 remains the first best option if you want to speak with a trained health professional about your concerns related to COVID-19.


The next option I would suggest is using this forum, here, in our Online Community.


An update to the information and support available from Cancer Council across Australia is available below:

You may find that all of the above are quite similar, as we all work together to provide the best information and support to you. Cancer Council Australia, has also put up some information (which Cancer Council Victoria, Cancer Council Tasmania and Cancer Council Northern Territory all link to directly).


Further information about COVID-19, can be found here

  • The federal Department of Health has issued a health alert and public health information on COVID-19.
  • You can also contact the Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080.
  • Call Cancer Council on 13 11 20 for cancer related information and support.
  • Here is some CDC advice on cleaning and disinfecting.


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