What is "Covid normal" for people on cancer treatment ?

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What is "Covid normal" for people on cancer treatment ?

For the past year I've been going through lymphoma treatment and I thought I had a handle on this cancer thing.  With Melbourne moving towards opening up and "living with Covid" my anxiety has hit the roof.

I'm vaccinated, but by all reports, for those on my treatment there's a good chance that vaccine just doesn't have any effect. Or every time I have treatment, it also lowers my immunity to covid.

Does this mean I should just act like I'm not vaccinated at all ? As Melbourne opens up, should I just isolate myself ?

How are people handling giving up so many things, to protect yourself ? Family gatherings, crowded restaurants, parties with friends, concerts, bars, movies, music events,  food markets - this is all high risk events. I just can't imagine not doing these things for the next 14 months of my treatment. 

But with covid cases on the rise, and soon everywhere, what options are there ?

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