cancer treatment and COVID


cancer treatment and COVID

I haven't posted  here for some time but with dealing with COVID lockdown here in Melbourne for the 4th time in about 18 months, I feel it is starting to impact on my mental health.  


I live by myself and find it really hard to deal with not having family support and very limited network of really good friends it does take its toll.  There was one person I did ring and try and make a conversation who said to me that she didn't really need to have people ringing her as she had family.    Another person insisted on wanting to come to my place when there was restrictions of not travelling more than 5kms if a person did this the police could be called in and a fine issued.   Of course I got more upset with people persisting like this made me have anxiety problems.   


Although I started  my treatment for lymphoma in August 2019 and now nearly at the end of my treatment it makes you tired as well as depressed.  I am glad I am well now in the way I can do more things now that before.


The loneliness and the isolation can be very hard, to the stage of me going for walks to get a cup of coffee and be able to sit in a local park and just watch other people does help sometimes.  


But overall I believe unless people have gone thru cancer at all in their lives they just don't understand sometimes what us cancer warriors go thru.  I am not the type of person that will say why me or its not fair I got this cancer but would like to know from others how they deal with their low periods.






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Re: cancer treatment and COVID

I'm not sure I have an answer for you, other than, you're not alone. I've been having treatment for lymphoma, which thankfully is going well, but the emotional rollercoaster still hits me super hard sometimes. Keep reaching out to people, try to socialise as much as possible (however you can and on your terms)
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