31 year old terminal husband


31 year old terminal husband

I am caring for my husband who is 31 years old. We have 4 children and he has always been our main provider so I could be a stay at home mom. Our oldest is 13 and our youngest is 18 months. In November 2018 my husband who had never been sick went to the ER with a ruptured appendix, but when they did the surgery they found colon cancer that had spread through the colon wall, into lymph nodes, surrounding abdomen fluid, and on the liver. He hid 6 didferent types of chemo meds and about 9 months of aggressive treatment. Nothing has touched it and it he was recently placed on hospice. It has been such a rough process but he has remained strong through it all. I honestly wish there were more things out there for people in these situations to fill more encouraged. I mean you have bells rang, songs, and celebrations for those who go into remissiom but what about those ones that have gave it a good fight. Its almost like you are kicked aside. No more contact with doctors or nurses who you built a relationship with through your toughest times, or the front desk who knew your face when you came in. Its just over. Why not celebrate for those who make the choice to choose quality of life when nothing is working for them. They are strong to make those decisions and fight to live everyday.  I feel for anyone going through this. There are no words to describe cancer. It is unimaginable.

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Re: 31 year old terminal husband

Hi Rcifredo,


Your husband sounds like a strong and courageous man, especially with such an toilsome journey taken so far. People don't forget about the one's that still travel and fight along the road - the warm smiles are still there, the strength and devotion of loved ones are still there and the endurance of doctor's advice is still there. This is not forgotten. This is never forgotten - especially when in hospice, it's understandable how the celebration of remission can overshadow the long and difficult fight. Remember you not are kicked aside for you have your family and friends with you. You can always endure to get an first, second and third opinion for your husband.


Do you have relatives who can look after the children? Have you sourced the cancer council advice?


I know it's been a week since you posted but do you have time to advise of your situation?

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