Bladder Cancer T2

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Bladder Cancer T2

My father has Bladder Cancer, he is 79 and currently in transitional care waiting on a placement in a nursing home. Dad also has other health issues, congestive heart failure, chronic renal failure, AF Mr and also dementia. Lately he has had reoccurring chest infections and I just found out today that he has T2 bladder cancer needs to go in for surgery to remove it under general anesthitic but because he has another chest infection they are going to put the surgery off for a month. They have also asked me if I want them to go ahead with surgery due to his existing medical problems and age. Apparently TCP knew all about the bladder cancer reocurring but failed to tell me. I had a call from the hospital saying he had missed his pre admission appointment and was booked in for surgery next week. Tcp said they lost the file and forgot.:( very frustrating. I really dont know whether to let him go through with treatment and just make sure he is pain free. Has anyone else been in the same situation and can offer advice. Thanks.
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