Cancer and Covid

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Cancer and Covid

Not sure what I need as a carer as my partner is so so old fashioned and being a Doctor difficult to support.

why I am writing this post: he woke up this morning at 5 (not unusual as he says he dreads the night because his head spins - alot of it is covid related issues- more background here but i wont bore you).

when I got up he was teary/crying on the couch - nb:news on - didnt wont to go to work, tired, naseous, depressed.... to cut the story short - he is constantly in pain in his legs, he hardly moves off the couch, he sleeps nearly all the time when he is home - he looks like he is in pain - he is now over the last few weeks feeling constantly naseous at night or in the morning, I went to the supermarket tonight and got anything I though he may eat - I am sooooooo worried and I don't know what to do - we have a name of a psychologist , but he hasn't called - I want him to try medicinal canabis and he is considering it - but I  don't know what else to do .  I know Covid is affecting him alot - and I am not sure if  the Covid lockdown or his systemic illness is taking a firm grip on him. - 

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Re: Cancer and Covid

Can you call for him? The psychologist I mean? And go together? 
maybe go with him to the Health professional to get cannabis. 
with my brother.. I have to push him. It’s a delicate game of push, nudge and don’t tip him over so he bites. 

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