Cancer survivor struggling with dads prognosis

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Cancer survivor struggling with dads prognosis

I myself have faced cancer and was fortunate enough to beat it many years ago, however in 2019 a few days after having my 3rd child my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer I've tried to be positive and hopeful he can beat it but I'm now pregnant and I'm really struggling, he seems to have lost the will to fight due to being faced with a roadblock in every direction, I have no one to talk to, as I'm met with oh that must be hard or just stay positive I just need a friend because physically I can't cry anymore I know it's not about me but I'm so terrified of losing my dad and am really struggling

Sorry for the long post and feeling sorry for myself 

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Re: Cancer survivor struggling with dads prognosis

Hello strugglingmum,

Thank you very much for reaching out, please call Cancer Council Help Line on 131120, we are here for you if needing to talk or find out what other support is available for you.

Kind regards


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