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Clinical Trials

Hi again well my husband had the bone biopsy yesterday,he said it was not the greatest however went through with it, we were there for approx.4 hours, he said they had to keep putting different size needles in as the bone was crumbling a lot and they could not get a proper sample, so has a decent size hole in his shoulder,we don't know the results as they send them to the Specialists and Oncologist.So will have to wait till next week. By the way does anyone know about Clinical Trials, as he was offered the option to take part in one, when we saw the Oncologist last week, we were given a great wad of reading material to take home and read however as it is written in medical jargon it is hard to understand,what type of questions should we ask, how will it affect his regular chemo etc etc..if anyone has the answers could they respond please as we have to ring them to say if he is going ahead with it. Thanks everyone for all your kind responses so far, and our thoughts are with you all in your own journeys. Jill and Les
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Hi Jill and Les, I understand what you are going through with that trial, when they offered one to me I thought I'm going to go crazy before I made the decision. Finally I accepted it. In my case I would've had only radiation, that is the treatment for my kind of cancer nowadays,but with going into the trial I received chemo too, which following my oncologist advice, was beneficial for me. I finished all of the treatments about six weeks ago. You should ask his oncologist will he benefit from the trial treatment and just trust them what they tell you. But as much as I could understand the whole process, it is that if you are offered to go into the trial you should take it because not everyone is offered one. They have certain rules and boundaries who is offered the trial, what kind of cancer, how far is gone and similar. I hope I was of some help and wish you best luck in all. Vlasta
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