Cure Childhood Cancer - Another Inconvenient Truth

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Cure Childhood Cancer - Another Inconvenient Truth

My Story:         My barely 2 year old nephew was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma. This has been very devastating to our family and is very heartbreaking. You can't feel how much pain it is unless it happens to you.          Unfortunately, there isn't much attention in Childhood Cancers since most of them are rare cancers. In effect, there isn't much studies and research done for their cure.         I signed the petition "Cure Childhood Cancer - Another Inconvenient Truth". I'm asking you to sign this petition to help us reach our goal of 1,000,000 signatures. I care deeply about this cause, and I hope you will support our efforts. Thank you!Cure Childhood Cancer - Another Inconvenient TruthTarget:News media (e.g. 20/20, Dateline, 60 Min.) - we need to tell our story!Sponsored by: CureSearch & Texas Children's Hospital     RAISE AWARENESS & FUNDING FOR CHILDHOOD CANCERChildhood Cancer Facts - Childhood cancer is the #1 killer disease of our children, more than from asthma, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, congenital anomalies, and pediatric AIDS combined - [B]1 in 300 children will be diagnosed with cancer[/B] before age 20 - [B]Each year 3,000 children die[/B], and 35-40,000 are in treatment- The National Cancer Institute's (NCI) federal budget was $4.6 billion. Of that, breast cancer received 12%, prostate cancer received 7%, and [B]all 12 major groups of pediatric cancers combined received [U]less than 3%[/U][/B][B][U][I]OBJECTIVE - RAISE AWARENESS[/I][/U][/B]-[B] Deliver signatures to ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and Fox and challenge every prime time, investigative or news media to produce a special devoted solely to childhood cancer.  [/B]- [B]The show will RAISE AWARENESS OF THE PROBLEM[/B] and show how special these kids are.  Show how they face fear, pain, boredom and the unknown, many times for years on end.   They may live or die, yet each will forever impact those around them in ways beyond their years.  You can make a difference.  You can help.  Please sign.WEBSITE:
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