Ewings Sarcoma

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Ewings Sarcoma

Hi all. So this is my first time here....do I wish I wasn't here, well yes ofcourse, because then we wouldn't be facing what we are facing, like so many others wish they wernt facing as well. In april 2013 my husband and I got married, 4 weeks later he was diagnosed with ewings sarcoma, so now we are facing a fight that we never expected (as no one does). he was at first diagnosed with one tumor but the re scans done just a couple of weeks ago has shown a second tumor (both ewings) I am struggling, as anyone would, to come to terms with any of this, although we are strong and united in the fight to beat this thing..... there is very little information on the cancer he has, this is hard. as we both are very controlling personalities and like facts and figures.... so in a short summary, this is our current story
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Re: Ewings Sarcoma

So sorry to hear that with you both being newly weds its hard for all of us when we hear the big C word. We all start living a new life.I hope you are both strong and you can pull together and keep fighting like all of us. Big hugs marhie
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