Exemption on Visiting Hours

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Exemption on Visiting Hours

Hi Everyone,


My wife is 32yrs old and was diagnosed with stage 3 Ovarian Cancer in Jan this year  - she had a radical hysterectomy and lymph nodes removed 6 weeks ago and has underwent 1 round of chemo out of 12.


Unfortunately she is currently back in hospital (private) with a bowel blockage (suspected tumour) and fluid in her abdomen and lesions on her liver that also may turn out to be cancerous. Due to it being so recently after her hysterectomy, surgery is not an option right now. We are waiting to hear back from oncology whether chemo will be safe to do while her bowel blocked - essentially we are stuck between a rock and a hard place.


It's looking like she'll have a 5 week wait before surgery is even considered, with or without chemo. As you can imagine she is losing hope quickly and her mental health is declining. I am only allowed in to see her for 2hrs per day - we have a baby due in August and she is becoming terrified she won't be around to meet them.


I'm trying to get some sort of extended visiting hours to be with her more and help keep her hopes up (I'm currently isolating at home, essential journeys only as her primary carer - happy to provide as many RATS as needed and to not leave her room while I'm at the hospital for the duration I'm there).


I keep getting told no exemptions are possible as she is not in palliative care - even though her cancer is aggressive and if left too long she may well decline very quickly. Is anyone else having the same issue or has anyone had any success getting exemptions granted?




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